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EDC series



Tool lights


Unit price USD57, limited offer @ USD38 save USD19 and free ship



With our new concept engineering to built this AA size flashlight with the balance of Power, Runtime and more.


- Balanced for output and runtime.
- Digital 3 Stage MCU separation with momentary and last use memory.
- Small size with Big "content", "concept" and "connection".

From low light in shadows to high brightness for outdoors, the ConneXion delivers the light levels you need for a truly EDC lifestyle.

Inside, the ConneXion features an XR-E Q5 LED and integrated DC-DC current regulated circuit together with Lumapower's Subprocessor technology on a finger-sized flashlight designed for optimal performance per watt operation. With NiMH battery capacities of up to a 2700mAh, you can get a maximum of 50 hours continuous running on the ConneXion.
The ConneXion is fabricated with XR-E Q5 operating at 400mA for a maximum 100 Lumens+ of connectivity

ConneXion - 1M beamshot update : 27-May-2008

Download : CLICK HERE

ConneXion - 3M beamshot update : 27-May-2008

Download : CLICK HERE

Dimensions :
Head diameter : 20.5 mm
Engine diameter : 20.0 mm
Battery tube dia. : 19.0 mm
Overall length : 92.0 mm

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