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 MRV-SK V1.0   


MRV SideKick Ver.1.0 clearance sales...

The MRV SK (SideKick) is designed as an ultrabright, high-efficiency far throwing tactical light. The MRV SK has all of the desirable specifications and build quality one expects in a light that can serve as a life/death tool. Using a power switching technology originally pioneered for the LumaPower MVP, the MRV SK features an innovative approach to power and output switching; the tailcap switch controls on/off and offers a momentary feature; on the side is the SideKick switch which allows the use to control output levels. For users this means being able to 'preset' a power level in advance of activating the light; so a camper/hiker can have the light pre-set to low and a tactical user could have their light pre-set to high.


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