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EDC series



Tool lights

 D-mini Standard Type III (Q2)   


Bump In The Night Yard Light          
Pocketable - Long Throw - Safe Rechargeable Technology

The Pocket Rocket D-mini with XR-E Q2....special offer 2-stages output Type III HA Natural


The D-mini Story:

The World’s 1st Pocket Throw Monster introduced in 2006. Lumapower started it all.
Our customer’s comments and suggestions pushed our continuing R&D effort to make it better and better.

Updates and Upgrade to D-mini

  1. Introduce OP-texture reflector to offer Smooth Beam
  2. Offer Type III HA for versions
  3. 2-stages brightness control switch module
  4. D65 18650 Power Extender
  5. Digital LED Module with 3-stages output and More runtime than before.
  6. Tactical switch module
  7. D12 2AA Power tube


The modular construction concept which make D-mini ever easy to upgrade with new industry technology

D-mini digital

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