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1xAA EDC flashlight With SSC-P4. Bright and White...

Designed for EDC, the new LM31 provides best balance between Output and Runtime.

LM31 has 2stage reverse clickie with on-Lo-Hi-off sequence.
New contact mechanism between LED housing and Battery tube as tighten for power transfer and unscrew 1/3 turn for locking which prevent accidental power ON and also acts as twisty switch of LM31.

1.We optimized LM31 with selected battery source for usability, value and power. Rechargeable NiMH battery sources with advantage of large capacity and low internal resistance offers most reasonable power to feed LM31. A single 2600mAH NiMH can offer 95minutes of nearly-flat output for LM31 at Hi-out (350mA forward current) and 1,600minutes at Low-output. Alkaline is also recommended. LM31 is also designed for 1.2-1.6 E2 Lithium
But not for 14500 protected or unprotected batteries as Low runtime is affected.

2.Each LM31 integrated with selected bin of LED and pure white for optimal use.

3.With SSC-P4 and Luma’s Aluminum OP-reflector and AR-glass lens, LM31 project maxium Flood and Smooth beam format. Large Hotspot with Smooth side-spills is perfect for short to medium use.

4.Each LM31 ship with spare O-rings, Lanyard, GID tailcap as added extras.

5.Free Holster for outdoor usage and easy carrying.

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