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EDC series



Tool lights

 TRUST Model-1    

TRUST Model-1

Original price : USD69.5



1xAA EDC flashlight With XP-G R5. Pure White and BRIGHT

Designed for EDC, the new TRUST Model-1 provides best balance between Output and Runtime.

It has 4 levels of brightness (1+3), forward clickie and head twist to performs with ULTRA + Lo-Medium-High sequence.
New contact mechanism between LED housing and Battery tube as tighten for FULL power transfer and unscrew 1/3 turn for SMART UI.

Tail locking design which prevent accidental power ON and also acts as twisty switch of TRUST Model-1.

1.We optimized TRUST Model-1 with selected battery source for usability, value and power. Rechargeable NiMH battery sources with advantage of large capacity and low internal resistance offers most reasonable power to feed TRUST Model-1. A single 2600mAH NiMH can offer 240 minutes of nearly-flat output for TRUST Model-1 at Hi-out and 2,000minutes at Low-output. Alkaline is also recommended. TRUST Model-1 is also designed for 1.2-1.6 E2 Lithium

With 14500 protected or unprotected batteries, TRUST Model-1 offers BLINDING BRIGHT 350 emitter Lumens!!!

2.Each TRUST Model-1 integrated with selected bin of LED and pure white for optimal use.

3.With XP-G R5 and Luma’s Aluminum OP-reflector and AR-glass lens, TRUST Model-1 project maxium Flood and Smooth beam format. Large Hotspot with Smooth side-spills is perfect for short to medium use.

4.Each TRUST Model-1 ship with spare O-rings, GITD tailcap as added extras.

5. Two-way removable pocket-clip and tail-stand.

TRUST Model-1

1Meter beamshots 3Meter beamshots

Ultra mode

High mode


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