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EDC series



Tool lights

 IncenDio V.2 (Q5)   

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1x123A digital EDC flashlight. One of the smallest 123A EDC flashlight with Forward Clicky switch.

Covers nearly everything you need
The small EDC flashlight replace conventional 3xD-cell flashlight

Simple 3 stage output with last stage memory
No Strobe or SOS to annoy you

Lumapower Digital EDC IncenDio v.1

Super Bright and Compact Size
Selected LED-bin for Paper White Beam
Digital Brightness Control
Ultra Long Runtime
Memory IC Retains Last Used Output Level
Pocket Clip for Easy Carrying
Tailstand for Candle Mode
AR-coated Glass Lens
GITD O-ring and Button Switch
Tactical Clicky for Instant Power
OP-Textured Metal Reflector
Water Resistant
Raised Diamond Knurling for Secure Grip

1. Primary 123A offering 130 Lumens at max. output
2. RCR123A 4.2V boosted 160 Lumens
3. Selected Q5 WD for best pure white and low forward voltage resulted for highest efficient
4. Digital brightness control 100%, 30% and 10% cycling
5. Primary 123A with max. output offers 135 minutes continous running (max. to 50%)
6. Medium Out with more than 9 hours and 35 hours at Low out.
7. With memory IC for retains last output
8. Stainless steel pocket clip
9. Stainless steel (polished) tailring
10. Tailstand design for candle mode
12. AR-Coated glass lens for max. beams transfer
13. GITD O-ring and tail button
14. Forward clicky switch for Instant power and Constant On.
15. OP-Textured metal reflector for smooth beaming.
16. Water resistant design
17. Raised Diamond Knurling at both front and Bottom for best secure griping.
18. Compact size design as 76mm in Length make it the smallest tactical flashlight
19. High efficient circuit design for max. power saving

V2 - Version 2 Upgrades:

1. The pocket clip can now be removed.

2. The output level memorization delay is now 1 second (was 2).

3. Addition of reverse battery polarity protection 4. Switch is now serviceable if needed.

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