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 MRV-SideKick ULTRA 3 (SST-50)  Standard Version  

MRV SideKick Ultra III TF

MRV SideKick Ultra III TF

3M ref. beamshots

100M ref.

100 TF beamshot

600M ref

600 TF beamshot



The MRV SK Ultra 3 is designed as an ultra bright, high-efficiency tactical light.

The MRV SK ULTRA 3 has all of the desirable specifications and build quality one expects in a light that can serve as a life/death tool. Using a power switching technology originally pioneered for the LumaPower MVP, the MRV SK ULTRA features an innovative approach to power and output switching; the tail cap switch controls on/off and offers a momentary feature; on the side is the SideKick switch which allows the use to control output levels. For users this means being able to 'preset' a power level in advance of activating the light; so a camper/hiker can have the light pre-set to low and a tactical user could have their light pre-set to high or strobe.

The MRV SK ULTRA features a textured 'orange peel' reflector which offers enhanced 'spill' pill and a creamy beam profile.

Features & Specifications:
Excellent runtime, and amazing brightness; 850-1000 lumens at the LED!
Includes Orange Peel Reflector for enhanced spill
SST-50 LED driven at ~3.6A/13W
4 SideKick adjusted, constant current regulated output levels and strobe
State of the art light engine features constant current regulation for maximum efficiency
Multiple power source options: 2 X CR123A, 2 x 18650 with the optional M-65 extender (highly recommended!!) Batteries not included
Current control for different voltage input (5V to 15V)
AR coated glass lense improves light emission.
Black Type III Hard Anodizing provides superior wear resistance.
Modular design allows for easy upgrades (as available).
Integrated strike bezel for personal protection.

Overall length:
Bezel diameter : 45mm,1.77"
Battery tube diameter : 25.5mm/.98"
Tail switch diameter : 29mm
Reflector Depth: 36mm/1.42"
Weight G/oz (without batteries)

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