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 M3-Transformer, free bonus   

Unit price : USD99, clearance sales @ USD59 (save USD40 plus free ship)

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Lumwpoer M3-Transformer All-in-1,

Multi configuration, 1AA, 2AA, 123A... Convertible design.

Type III HA Natural

Main Features :
Lumapower concept of Flashlights, with user-configurable modes
3 in 1 = (1xCR 123A , 1xAA and 2xAA)
All parts in modular format for easy upgrade
Integrated with Cree XR-E for maximum battery efficiency and heat dissapation
Tactical or Clickie, your choice
Focusable Beams from Throw to Flood
New Twisty-Bezel design for power control
2-stages clickie for battery output control
Multi-stages output from Low to High
DC-DC regulated circuit
AR-coated lens
Type III Hard Anodize
GID o-ring on-top of the reflector
GID Back top
Gold-plated connection spring
Water resistance
Detachable lanyard
Multi-purpose holster can hold M3 -123A / M3-1AA with additional battery -pod for carrying spare battery
Dimensions :
M3 123A : Diameter : 22 mm , Length : 95 mm
M3 1xAA : Diameter : 22 mm , Length : 111 mm
M3 2xAA : Diameter : 22 mm , Length : 160 mm
M3-Transformer designed with the balance of Price-Performance
The all-in-1 package provides easy selection and solutions
Modular design means longer life-cycle of M3 , just upgrade the module
User-configurable M3 can be TRANSFORMED to your needs
Voltage, driver and current information
[Information coming soon]
Quality and Maintenance
Aluminum T6061 durability
Selected Bin of LED for best efficiency and color temp.
All contact parts using Brass or Gold-plated material for best electricity conduction
AR-coated lens for max. Light transmission and durability
Polished Aluminun Orange Peel reflector for optimal beam
Anti-shock construction to provide best protection for both LED and Engine circuit
All Lumapower lights comes with 1 year free warranty including electronics parts (*)
(*) Provided that no user modifications are made to the light (including Electrical and Mechanical)

Introductory Price for M3-Transformer (The 3-in-1 package) : USD78.95 (free ship)

Package Include :
LED module x 1
Standard OP-reflector module x 1
CR 123A battery tube x 1
1xAA battery tube x 1
2xAA extension tube x 1
Tactical tail switch x 1
Reverse clickie switch x 1
Holster (for 1xAA config ., with battery pocket)
Spare O-rings
Bonus Offer : FREE Type III HA (original as option @ USD12 )

Details of 2+2 switch for brightness control :

Control Central is the knurled band behind the Cree light engine and integrates with tailcap switch for 3 brightness levels. Twisting clockwise engages Hi level and counter clockwise sets Medium level. Tailcap switch turns on the light and first click is single level Lo at approx 3-4 lumens. 2nd click accesses Hi or Medium and is dependent on your last setting at Control Central. If last setting was Hi that's what you get and now a twist gets Medium. Same for last setting in Medium.

The head contains the Cree light engine with focusing bezel which provides twistable beam adjustment for spot and flood.

M3 beamshots

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