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 IncenDio V3 (R5-XP-G)   


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IncenDio V3 Plus

Construction updates and upgrades to IncenDio V3.
The circuit remains unchange.

1st : Circuit retainer upgrade make it more reliable.
- Larger size of brass in contact between circuit and battery tube which means better heat management.

2nd : All new Pocket Clip with bettter strength and bending angle, which make it more useable.

3rd : All new Lanyard Ring in stainless steel.

4th : Improvement on tail retainer, which improves the ability of water resistance.

5th : Anti-shock epoxy on major components of the circuit.

IncenDio V3+

IncenDio V3

IncenDio V3




IncenDio V3 with XP-G R5

Lumapower IncenDio version 3 Your Super EDC with 350 Lumens MAX output. Selected pure white XP-G R5

1M beamshots

3M beamshots

7M beamshots

123A runtime

16340 runtime

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