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Since 2002, Lumapower team has been supplying solutions to support first tier manufacturers in LED illumination industry. From long time experience in LCD back light application and high power illuminating equipment, we accumulate not only the technology know how in electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering, but also the system management in supply chain, production and quality assurance.

The mission of Lumapower is to design and manufacture high performance and reliable LED illuminating equipment. We launched our Lumapower flashlights to the market in 2006.

Following restructure in July 2007, OEM department was formed for made for customer.


 About the Warranty


Our flashlight covered with full warranty service as :

1st year, free parts and labour and ship back service
2nd to 3rd year : free parts and labour, customer needs to paid for all shipping.
After the 3rd year, free labour only.

This warranty doesn't include self-mod, or misuse against to instruction and specification along with the user manual.

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