IncenDio V3 series review

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Lumapower Incendio V3+ and Turbo head : Lumalee1


Lumapower Incendio V3+ and Turbo head

Another mini review of the Incedio V3, except this time its the "+" model, with a new pocket clip, also in this review is the add on Turbo head for the Incendio, a must have option for the throw freaks out there.

IncenDio V3 Limited Edition : kitaaaa100


IncenDio V3 Limited Edition XP-G R5【MAX.370lumens】



IncenDio V3 series with Turbo Force : Lumalee1


Beamshots Incendio V3+ and Turbo Head

Here is an update to the Lumapower Incendio V3+ series, showing the comparison between the Incendio with turbo head and the Lumapower Trust Model 2