The strongest personal tactical flashlight ever from Lumapower, now with rechargeable features and 420 meters long distance throw!

When you need a good backup lamp in an emergency, reach for your STRIVE-TRX tactical flashlight. An improvement of Signature-GX (2X Brighter) and 2.3X Throw distance when compare to STRIVE-RX.

Whenever you need, the STRIVE-TRX equipped with Cree’s XPL-HI led and rechargeable design,  immediately give you more than 900lumen's powerful light and up to 3 hours of continuous use.

The lamp 15 cm unbreakable milspec.t6-6063 aluminum shell with textured grip and o - ring shield makes it virtually indestructible.

STRIVE TRX sample review: [CLICK HERE]


Rechargeable tactical light support 18650

Features: SideKick 3.1 user interface with 5 levels of brightness and 3 types of STROBE
Coating Type III HA
Colour: Black
Lens coating AR-coated
Power source 18650 rechargeable Li-ion, build-in magnetic smart charger
Input Voltage 2.7V~4.5V
Output selection

5 levels : 100%, 50%, 25%,10%, 1% (mode A)

Memory mode

Yes, remember last output

Restore to 100% after battery replacement.

Restore to 100% after thread lock enable

Strobe mode

3 types : 14Hz, SOS, 0.2Hz (mode B)

Emitter output 1. With 18650 4.2V: max. 900+ lumens
Emitter output 2.


Overall Length (mm) 153mm
Head Diameter (mm) 45mm
Body diameter (mm) 24.5mm
Tail diameter (mm) 31.5mm
Weight (g) 153g (not including battery)
Runtime until 50%

At Max. output

Runtime (minutes) : 200, 420, 1500, 2400, 25000+  (18650 @ 3200mAh)

Ultra output 100%
High output 50%
Medium output 25%
Low output 10%
Lowest output 1%
Spare parts USB charging cable, spare o-rings, spare switch cap, lanyard, holster

Invented and designed by Lumapower own specialists on the mission of the national police and professional user, the flashlight of the compact size for daily use to wide purpose, and included in the personal device for external service and be able to be carry with lanyard and holster. (EDC, everyday carry)

Lumapower STRIVE-TRX is only 15.3cm long, and contains the most powerful technology available on the market today. Lumapower STRIVE-TRX is designed to be upgradeable, convertible and serviceable also for the future. All parts are available as replacement or upgrading.

Lumapower STRIVE-TRX operated with a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion cell, which is the most light and function for the money and it has a long list of characteristics:

The replaceable LED is a super high flux Cree XPL-HI (which can theoretically deliver approximately 1250 lumen with higher current in 50000 hours lifetime (over 5 years of continuous operation).

- the throw of over 400 meters, over 10 miles to be visible.

- weight only about 153 grams (excluding. batteries)

- portable, only 153mm long, can be equipped with color filters and diffuser.

- built-in 12hz - 14hz strobe flash function, SOS, and also lighthouse mode.

- the news of STRIVE-TRX! Tactical switch on the back, Power click and blink control

- the news! SideKick button immersed switch with output regulation and memory function:

1.) the economy, (1%) 10 lumen , 25000 + minutes.

2.) low (10%), 90 lumens in 2400 minutes

3.) medium (25%), 240 lumen in 1500 minutes

4.) high (50%), 500 lumen in 420 minutes

5.) ultra (100%), 950 lumen in up to approximately 200 minutes.

- the news! it has a built-in magnetic SMART charger support standard USB 5V1A input

- it can stand on the switch and light up

- the lamp can stand on the lens, and indicate that it is on

- the lamp comes with anti-roll design.

- double sides AR coated lens

- comes with detachable lanyard holder for connection to a high quality lanyard.

- 3 years warranty against manufacturing defect including driver module.

- future stronger LED modules are offered as extra equipment updating

- digital regulated circuit - optimizes so that battery capacity to maximum constant luminous intensity against runtime and with excellent heat management for continuous running without auto step-down the output

- dimensions:

Length : 153mm (standard battery tube)

Bezel Diameter : 45mm

Body Diameter : 24.5mm

Tail Diameter : 31.5mm

- the casing of a milspec.t6-6063, Type-III HA coating black aircraft grade aluminum

- water resistance according to IP-X67 standard

- tempered heat-resistant ultra clear glass lens with double-sides coating surface

- the news! the accompanying accessories: spare o-rings, reserve black silicone switch cap, lanyard, USB charging cable, black nylon holster.


* lumen measurements at emitter with new batteries, the reflector has an efficiency of 88% - 95% , the lens efficiency around 92% = the actual lumens after the reflector / lens is approximately 15% lower than the specified and decreases with battery consumption. the lamp illuminates the most forceful and at the time of full-charged of 3200mah 18650 4.2v battery. Note : in the long-term running of flashlight, there is a risk of heat generates was aware of this, look out for cooling condition.