Signature LX *NEW*

The newest model in Signature series. Standard version with XM-L U2
  • With the Standard OP-textured reflector (ST-01), it offers the Ultra Flood and Bright beam for your professional usage requirement.
  • New SideKick-III with 4 levels of brightness plus tactical strobe.
  • Part #: Signature LX - standard edition
    Description 1 x 18650  / 2 x 123A High Power LED flashlight
    Features: Multi-levels SideKick control.
    LED XM-L U2 Cool White
    Coating Type III HA
    Colour: Black
    Lens coating AR-coated
    Power source 18650 (rechargeable Li-ion), primary CR123A
    Input Voltage 3.7V ~ 12V
    Output selection SideKick version 1.3, 4 levels + Tactical strobe
    Memory mode Yes
    Strobe mode Yes, 12~14Hz
    Emitter output 1.

    600 Lumens +

    Emitter output 2.
    Overall Length (mm) 135
    Head Diameter (mm) 27.7
    Body diameter (mm) 22.5
    Tail diameter (mm) 25
    Weight (g) 82
    Runtime until 50% 2 x CR123A, 1 x 18650
    Ultra output 80 minutes / 180 minutes
    High output 150 minutes / 300 minutes
    Medium output
    Low output
    Lowest output
    Spare parts Switch cap, O-rings, removable pocket clip, holster