Compact Tactical : CT-One

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The Tactical flashlight in AA form factor with solid build and ultra bright

2 Modes, 8 outputs.

Over 500 OTF (Out The Front) Lumens

Part #:


Description: 1 x AA pocket size tactical flashlight

With SideKick ver 2.0 user interface + tactical clicky switch

Power with Cree XM-L2 U2 LED

LED: XM-L U2 Cool White
Coating: Type III HA
Colour: Grey
Lens coating: AR-coated
Power source: 1 x AA : Alkaline, NiMH, rechargeable Li-ion
Input Voltage: 0.9V ~ 4.2V
Output selection: Mode A 5 levels + Mode B 3 types of Strobe
Memory mode:

Last Output

Strobe mode:

14Hz, S.O.S., Light-House

Emitter output 1.: 4~170 lumens (NiNH)
Emitter output 2.: 18~580 lumens (10440 Li-ion)
Overall Length (mm):


Head Diameter (mm):


Body diameter (mm):


Tail diameter (mm):


Weight (g):


Runtime until 50%: NiMH, Alkaline
Level-1 max. output (until 50%) with 2500mAh NiMH: 90 (minutes)
Level-5 lowest output with 2500mAh NiMH: 6000 (minutes)
Medium output O-rings, Lanyard (Battery not included)
Low output
Lowest output: 2500, 1500 (minutes)
Spare parts: O-rings, Lanyard (Battery not included)

CT-One is Lumapower newest Tactical flashlight.

With most up to date features and high powered LED (Cree XM-L2 U2 pure white)

The circuit design with switching input detection which can operates with single NiMH to 4.2V Li-ion battery.

The CT-One can also works with Lumapower's EDC series 2XAA battery tube, IncenDio V3 series 123A battery and I-65 (for 18650).