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Avenger RX

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The Avenger RX is not only a compact size EDC flashlight, with the the Clicky options and the SMART UI just make it the smallest Tactical light.


Product review of Avenger RX (in Germany)

The Avenger RX with more options for your choice now :

Stock LED : XP-E2 CW

1. Avenger RX Twisty : USD37.
2. Avenger RX Clicky : USD39.
3. Avenger RX Twisty + Clicky : USD41.
4. Avenger RX Pen (Clicky+Large pocket clip) : USD45.
5. Avenger RX All-in-1 : USD55 (including both switch, both battery tube, both pocket clip and diffuser tip)

A. Small pocket clip (for 1xAAA) : USD1.0
B. Diffuser tip : USD2.5
C. Change to XP-E2 NW : USD1.

User Interface : SMART UI 2.0, 2 way memory lock
Brightness level : 100%, 40%, 15%, 3%
LED : XP-E2 cool white (optional neutral white, warm white)
LED output (Lumens) : 85 (Alkaline, NiMH), 235 (4.2V Li-ion)
Reflector : SMO aluminum
Coating : Type III HA Black
Battery source : Alkaline, NiMH, Li-ion (Standard style), 2xAAA Alkaline, NiMH (Pen style)
Water resistance : 2M 30 minutes (IPX-8)
Power switch : Twisty, Clicky (both included in standard style)
Thread lock design : Yes
GITD : front o-ring and clicky switch cap.
Removable pocket clip : Yes
Length :
Standard Twisty : 71mm
Standard Clicky : 87mm
Pen Style : 131.5mm
Head diameter : 14mm