Lumapower D-mini VX2
Powerful mini size search light

Lumapower online shop

Welcome to our online shop.

This new online shop still under improvment, more features will be add.

With details product specification, user reviews and video reviews and more...

Video reviews of IncenDio V3 series

Video reviews of Signature series

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New Vantage nCr : now ready to ship :

Vantage nCr

FREE CW-01 From now until 31-Aug-2016 :

Free to get CW-01

STRIVE-RX beamshots compare to original STRIVE-Standard :

STRIVE-RX beamshots

XP-G module  upgrade since 5-May-2012:

- Now with micro beam diffuser to remove all ringly effect. 

EDC LM series now with optional XM-L U2 upgrade.

New Avenger RX is now ready to ship [Details]

Get the LUMAPOWER Nano candle for FREE :

Limited offer as a Free bundle to each flashlight you order.

New STRIVE-ECO now ready to ship with 10% Introductory Offer discount.


MRV-SideKick Ultra 3 PLUS Ready to Release


. . . . 2X . . . .

Double the Output and more...[Click Here to see Beamshots]

Lumapower Nano candle


MRV-SideKick Ultra III

New STRIVE series is now ready to ship [Details]